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The situation may be slightly different if the pilot is landing at a satellite Class D (towered controlled) airport within the veil but outside of Class B airspace. The approval is still given by the controlling radar facility via telephone. The radar facility may still issue the code number but may only require the pilot to contact the tower in the Class D airspace.

Not impressive, compared to its Nordic and Germanic competition, is the CT6’s 60–0 braking performance of 117 feet. Our tester’s standard all-season tires may be to blame for this and for the CT6’s third-place figure-eight performance, which surprised us given how composed the Cadillac felt from behind the wheel. The CT6 lapped the figure eight in seconds at g.

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Merrie's daughter, Margaret, suggested to Merrie that she did not need to give up her wonderful 427 friends and accompanied Merrie on the cruise. It was a pleasure for Margaret to meet the people who had meant so much to her parents. Merrie continued her painting in Barrie, Ontario. She passed away January 2011 from congestive heart failure.

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The first ASDE-X was activated for operational use and testing at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin , in June 2003, and declared ready for national deployment in October 2003.

After the death of . Senator Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson in 1983, the Seattle Port Commission voted to change the name of the airport to Henry M. Jackson International Airport. Denizens of Tacoma interpreted the change as an insult to their community—the second time in the airport's history that the port authorities had attempted to remove "Tacoma" from the name. The $100,000 that Tacoma had provided for the airport's construction during World War II had come with an explicit promise that the city would be included in the airport's name. The controversy was resolved after polls of Seattle and Tacoma area residents indicated their preference for the original name by margins as much as 5:1. Helen Jackson, the widow of the late Senator Henry M. Jackson, expressed her desire that their family remain neutral in the debate. With a 3–2 vote of the Port of Seattle Commission, the name was reverted to Sea–Tac in early 1984. [10]

Tacoma Radar - Pilot HouseTacoma Radar - Pilot HouseTacoma Radar - Pilot HouseTacoma Radar - Pilot House