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Holiday movies and TV specials can teach us how to live better and enjoy more happiness year round. These are some of the most important life lessons from a few old favorites and some other works that may be less well known….

Featuring comments (in order of appearance) by Stephanie T Bolden, Shaileen Bhatt, Chris Coons, Christopher Bullock, Thomas Gordon, Margaret Rose Henry, Robert Marshall, Jea Street, Theo Gregory, Dennis P Williams, and James H Sills Jr.

This training explores some of the most effective approaches to presenting asanas and kriyas to youth. It will enhance your teaching ability and expand your knowledge of yoga across multiple disciplines. The main area of focus will be on developing tools that will assist you in translating ancient yogic principals into a language youth can understand and apply to their daily lives without diminishing its powerful effects. An emphasis will be placed on specialized programming for under-served, “at-risk” and traumatized youth populations. This training will not only introduce you to the policies and procedures of teaching in secured facilities, but it will also prepare you to effectively deliver creative and dynamic youth yoga classes to diverse populations with a massive impact. Elevate your teachings and set yourself apart from your fellow instructors through the . for Youth Teacher Training – a program scientifically proven to deliver “significant results” according to Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Harvard University.

I don’t remember a single sermon my youth pastors preached. But I do remember that when a mentor met with me and two of my friends weekly at Arby’s while I was in middle school, it changed my life forever.

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For students to experience lasting benefits from attending summer programs, the report recommends that districts: run programs for at least five weeks; promote high attendance; include sufficient instructional time and protect it; invest in instructional quality; and factor in attendance and likely no-show rates when staffing the programs in order to lower per-student costs.

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Youth Group - Urban & EasternYouth Group - Urban & EasternYouth Group - Urban & EasternYouth Group - Urban & Eastern