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Hi and Lois is a classic American comic strip created by Mort Walker and Dik Browne. The strip portrays a portrait of a wholesome family with traditional values and ...

There were also some Kryptonians that were mentioned to have been imprisoned in The Phantom Zone as seen in the Phantom Zone mini-series.

Raw and adrift after her break up with Alex, Maggie Sawyer is summoned to Nebraska for a surprising reason. J'onn J'onzz sends Alex Danvers to Metropolis to help Clark and Lois investigate a ring of alien weapons smugglers who may have obtained Kryptonite. Meanwhile, assigned to do a puff piece on Lena Luthor’s close associate Alistair Tierney at Skyhook Tech, Kara Danvers finds herself suspicious of Tierney and conflicted about her friendship with Lena. A post "Earth X" story, mostly canon, but veering from Reign, while incorporating other elements from the DC Comics universe and many attempts to answer those frustrating inconsistencies on the show. Most of these characters aren't mine.

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Occupation: Middle-schooler, video game aficionado
Relationships: Best friend of neighbor Billy, mortal enemy of classmate Taylor, and ambivalent towards Clarice and Toni, his sometimes-preoccupied parents. Also friend of Stella.
Lingering question: Just how much therapy will Raffi need?

Wellington police have released photos of two more cars wanted in connection with the killing of Upper Hutt woman Lois Tolley.

Lois gained her first series of stories (without Superman) starting with Superman #28 (May–June 1944). [14] The feature, "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter", running in Superman for a number of years, had Lois defeating bad guys and getting front page stories on her own, without any help from Superman.

Lois - The Trouble With MeLois - The Trouble With MeLois - The Trouble With MeLois - The Trouble With Me