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Almost everything that is known of Bede's life is contained in the last chapter of his Ecclesiastical History of the English People , a history of the church in England. It was completed in about 731, [2] and Bede implies that he was then in his fifty-ninth year, which would give a birth date in 672 or 673. [1] [3] [4] [a] A minor source of information is the letter by his disciple Cuthbert (not to be confused with the saint, Cuthbert , who is mentioned in Bede's work) which relates Bede's death. [8] [b] Bede, in the Historia , gives his birthplace as "on the lands of this monastery". [9] He is referring to the twinned monasteries of Monkwearmouth and Jarrow , [10] in modern-day Wearside and Tyneside respectively; there is also a tradition that he was born at Monkton , two miles from the monastery at Jarrow. [1] [11] Bede says nothing of his origins, but his connections with men of noble ancestry suggest that his own family was well-to-do. [12] Bede's first abbot was Benedict Biscop , and the names "Biscop" and "Beda" both appear in a king list of the kings of Lindsey from around 800, further suggesting that Bede came from a noble family. [4]

Amos - 4 Da Floor (Come Away)Amos - 4 Da Floor (Come Away)Amos - 4 Da Floor (Come Away)