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A letter from the hotel owner tells the band to "Enjoy your stay and please stay out of Room 6277." Shannon Leto does not heed the warning and opens Room 6277. Following the opening of the door, each band member begins to experience the effects of the room opening throughout the hotel. Each member experiences the effects differently, but one thing remains constant for each individual – they encounter a version of themselves dressed in a 1920s style tuxedo with tails. Several other apparitions then take up residence in the hotel, dispelling the promise Jared made in the beginning of the video that the band will have the hotel all to themselves and that "there's not gonna be a single fucking soul". The video reaches its climax when Tomo encounters himself in bed with a man in a bear suit (another Shining reference), and immediately the band dressed in tuxedos are shown performing the song in the hotel's ballroom in front of a crowd of twins, dressed like the roaring 1920's, dancing with themselves. The theme of duplicity resonates throughout the video.

Down this slope is an altar that, when examined with the Celestial Mirror, grants Tidus the Caladbolg. In the Japanese, German, and Italian versions, the Caladbolg is called Ultima Weapon , in the Spanish it is called Arma Artema (Artema being the name given to the Ultima spell and arma meaning weapon) and is simply called Ultima in the French version.

Volume 61 @ Plexat, Heemstede w/K10 Prospect (USA), Seein’Red, Reproach, Blood I Bleed, Tasker, Painted Smile
Volume 62 @ Volta, Amsterdam w/Instil, Rise & Fall (BEL), Dead Rivers, Greyline, Bleeding Through (USA), Converge (USA)
Volume 63 @ Ojeesee, Hardenberg w/Mihoen, Painbrouwer, Tumour
Volume 64 @ Vera, Groningen w/Keelhaul (USA)
Volume 65 @ Schlachthof, Bremen w/Ill11, Todes Punk Squadron (GER)
Volume 66 @ SCCI Cell, Den Haag w/Phoenix Bodies (USA)
Volume 67 @ Joy’s Garaach, Mol BEL w/Phoenix Bodies (USA), Takaru (USA), Senseless (BEL), Nilghai (BEL)
Volume 68 @ ACU, Utrecht w/Human Alert
Volume 69 @ Winston, Amsterdam w/Murder Of… (UK), Daughters (USA)
Volume 70 @ Alte Meierei, Kiel GER w/Confused (GER), Calling Gina Clark (GER), Zann (GER)

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Shikari / Phoenix Bodies - Shikari / Phoenix BodiesShikari / Phoenix Bodies - Shikari / Phoenix BodiesShikari / Phoenix Bodies - Shikari / Phoenix Bodies